"Supporting Adults with Autism, Asperger's, Severe to Moderate Learning Difficulties and Challenging Behaviours."

Adelphi Care Services have moved Office ...

Due to a growing service and team we have moved to new offices at Shrewsbury Business Park, please contact us for further details.

Adelphi Care Services is an experienced provider of services for adults with Autism, Asperger's and Learning Difficulties.

With MAPA trained staff we are able to address the difficulties arising from challenging behaviours, bringing about positive outcomes.


Adelphi Care Services has a vision of care, which is holistic, person-centred and non-judgemental. Our stated vision, which is formulated in our Statement of Purpose is, "to maintain a safe and comfortable home, within which residents can develop feelings of trust, security, confidence and self-esteem." It emphasises our commitment to engage with our residents as individuals whose personalities and characters are accorded recognition and respect.

Furthermore, we state that, "We will promote opportunities for each individual to fulfil their potential physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially with appropriate support, to facilitate living in the community." Again, quoting from our Statement of Purpose, recognising that on occasion difficulties arise which require intervention, we are committed to managing such challenges in a non aversive manner. "We have a proactive approach to challenging behaviours always looking at ways to identify the precursors and the impact of the behaviours.

This ensures a more objective perspective, one which suspends judgement. Residents are involved in their personal planning and we have adopted the person centred planning model to enable residents to have more say in their lives."

The overall aim is to provide a range of high quality specialised services. We believe that adults with learning disabilities, particularly those with autism, need specialist help and continued education throughout their lives in order to address the skills deficits associated with these pervasive disorders.

To overcome or compensate for disability and to enable the achievement of the individual in terms of physical, emotional, intellectual and social development. We aim to provide clients who access our services with an enabling environment which promotes their rights as individual citizens.

We will provide them with a safe and comfortable home life environment where they are able to enjoy choice, freedom, independence, including respect, dignity and privacy.

In addition to providing residential care and support to adults with learning difficulties/challenging behaviours, Adelphi Care Services also offers the following services.