Supporting Adults with Learning Difficulties, Autism, Asperger's, Behaviours that can Challenge

Adelphi is ASDAN registered

Adelphi Care Services Limited has ASDAN accreditation, which enables staff to deliver a wide variety of programmes of learning modules to residents.

Towards Independence is an ASDAN programme for people over the age of 16 with severe and profound learning difficulties. The programme contains a series of modules which can be undertaken separately and built into a file of achievement. Towards Independence can be undertaken with schools, colleges, residential homes, care centres and across local authority and private provision.
The aim of the programme is to present a framework of activities through which personal, social and independent skills can be developed and accredited.
Towards Independence offers formal recognition for small steps in achievement towards a larger goal, as modules can be used separately and accumulated to build up a record of personal achievements. The initial module, Starting Out, provides the opportunity for the candidate to be helped to recognise achievements and identify learning challenges for the future so that relevant modules can be identified.
Towards Independence has been devised by a team of teachers, lecturers and carers. Activities that have long been an integral part of education/care provision can be assessed and accredited for a diverse range of needs, including the needs of those with quite profound learning difficulties.