Supporting Adults with Learning Difficulties, Autism, Asperger's, Behaviours that can Challenge

Education, Training & Employment Opportunities

All work undertaken by residents is recorded and presented for accreditation following moderation at network meetings. The work has to be representative of the individual and reflects their ability to achieve success in any particular module at their own level of ability.

Some residents are able to access daytime college courses locally. Courses are created to cover a variety of social and leisure skills, again delivered at appropriate levels for individual students.
  • Such courses as:
  • Domestic skills.
  • Simple food preparation.
  • Hair and beauty.
  • Dance and drama, etc.
Finding employment opportunities is difficult. However, some success has been achieved locally matching individual residents to voluntary work including; helping out in a local cafe and assisting at a recycling plant.
We continue to forge links with our local communities in order to seek out further opportunities to involve our residents in aspects of work.