Additional Care

Our additional care services

In addition to providing residential care and support to adults with Autism,Asperger's and learning difficulties/challenging behaviours, Adelphi Care Services also offers the following:

  • Domiciliary Services

    In 2004 Adelphi Care began to provide 'in-home' help and assistance for those who require daily support in their own homes, or who need someone to accompany them to the shops, hospital or doctors appointments or to access local leisure facilities. This service has expanded since its inception and provides a much needed alternative to residential provision. Support varies from a few hours each day through to more sustained assistance according to individual needs. If you require further information regarding this service, please call 01743 465299 or email

  • Supported Living

    In 2009 Adelphi Care extended its commitment to providing community based care and support by linking its Domiciliary Service to the specific requirements of clients who purchase their own provision. As part of the supported living initiative to facilitate greater choice and independence for those with disabilities, Adelphi Care provides support to clients as a 'bought in' provision. Adelphi Care staff are engaged by the clients to assist them in the decision processes required of normal daily living; such as managing personal finances; planning what to eat, shopping and the organisation of daily and weekly domestic chores. For example, arranging and attending appointments. All Adelphi Care Service staff are trained in Person Centred Approach, thereby putting the client in the centre of the decision making process.

  • Community/Leisure support

    We can provide support for clients who would otherwise be unable to access the wider community. Enabling clients to attend activities, go shopping, enjoy a range of leisure pursuits, college courses, work experience. Supported by experienced and skilled staff, clients can take their place within the community and achieve more of their potential.

  • Respite

    We are currently building the first Autism Specific Respite Centre in Shropshire".Barra House",adjoining Highbury House,has been commissioned from Munro Associates with input from The National Autistic Society Accreditation Service,to a design brief which centres around the specific needs of those on the autistic spectrum.This service should be available by mid-summer (2012)

  • Emergency Beds

    We can be approached by placing authorities to provide individual emergency beds subject to assessment.We are providing this service currently at one of our residential homes.With the imminent completion of "Barra House"the emergency bed service will transfer to this site.


The next step

Please call 01743 465299 or email to find out how we can help you, thank you.