Adelphi Care Services

Adelphi Care Services Limited came into existence following the successful establishment of The Orchard School in l992; a residential school for students aged between 11- 19 years, who experienced severe learning difficulties and challenging behaviours. In later years the school specialised in students with autism and associated learning difficulties.

As students reached the end of their careers at The Orchard School, placing authorities required young adult placement that offered both consistency and continuity with the routines and structures that had been so successful in the residential school environment.
At this point in l999, Roseville House was opened to provide care and support for five of these young adults. Roseville House is fully occupied with both ex-students of The Orchard School and clients referred from other authorities who required this type of provision.
Some five years later, in 2004, Highbury House opened its doors to further ex-students from The Orchard School and also from the local authority (Shropshire) seeking specialised support. Highbury House has both ground floor and first floor bedrooms. In recognition of this continuing need for care, support and accommodation, Adelphi Care Services has developed Merrington Grange. This site on the outskirts of Bomere Heath offers varied provision to suit more diverse client needs in a quieter, more rural location.
Further provision of a more specialist nature has been developed at Fernlea – a 4 bedroomed bungalow that was opened in 2009 for adults with both a learning disability and physical disability.