Supporting adults with Autism, Aspergers and Learning Disabilities in Shropshire and Stoke in the West Midlands

Green Achiever

'Going green' is definitely on most people's minds today; and for good reasons. We should all be making an effort to reduce our own personal 'carbon footprint' and for Adelphi Care Services it represents a challenge to us for see where we can improve our performance

We have registered with 'Green Achiever' and are taking on board many of the ideas which will reduce our impact on the environment.

We are at the beginning of this process and hope that in the coming years we will aspire to the highest 'green credentials' possible.

On our self-assessment we achieved 4 Stars out of a possible 5 Stars and we have made a declaration of intent for the next 12 months.........................................2013/2014

 We have to put our hands up and admit that over the last year our attention has been elsewhere and that therefore we have not progressed with our efforts to "Go Greener" apologies.We will try to do better .

Nominee for Care Awards 2016: