Our Homes

Merrington Grange

Near Bomere Heath, Shrewsbury

Newly opened in 2006, in recognition of the continuing need for care, support and accommodation, we developed Merrington Grange. This site offers varied provision to suit more diverse client needs in a quieter, more rural location.

Roseville House


In 1999, Roseville House was developed for a majority of residents that have a diagnosis of autism, some have additional learning disabilities and medical conditions, such as epilepsy.

Highbury House


In 2004, Highbury House was developed as a sister home to Roseville in order to meet the growing need for 52 week provision for young adults, male or female, who were either autistic or experienced severe learning difficulties. In addition, a ground floor suite was created to accommodate a resident with mobility difficulties.



In 2008 Fernlea was opened as a bungalow converted to meet the needs of young adults with learning disabilities and who may have some degree of physical disability.

Dacre House


Dacre House is opening its doors as a five bedded detached house for residential care and support in Stoke on Trent.

Barra House


Barra House is an Autism Specific Respite Service. The building has been designed and constructed in line with principles which underpin such provision for younger adults on the Autistic Spectrum.