Adelphi Care Services has a vision of care, which is holistic, person-centred and non-judgemental.


Adelphi Care Services Limited practices Physical Intervention as taught by MAPA®, accreditied by CPI inspected by CQC

The Core Curriculum

This should be based around the units in the manual, and divided into proactive, active and reactive, with the main emphasis being proactive.

Topics to be covered should include:

Behaviour that can Challenge

Adelphi Care Services Limited is committed to providing an environment which supports people whose behaviours challenge the service in a non-adversive manner which promotes their dignity, choice and contributes to their well being.

At Adelphi Care Services Limited we have a proactive approach to behavioural presentation. The teams work collaboratively towards the reduction of situations which create anxieties for the people we support. Adelphi Care Services philosphy regarding behaviours is to empower the person to manage their own anxities.

Person Centred

Person Centred

Person centred care is at the heart of what we do, it creates an environment of equality where all our service users feel empowered and supported and can enjoy their lives, live their dreams and their values are respected.

There are many different aspects of person centred care which may include:

Complaints Policy

Adelphi Care Services Limited are happy to receive and discuss any comments, suggestions or complaints:

IT and Service Users

Alongside Adelphi’s commitment to the development of IT within its core practices, we are fully aware that we should be providing and supporting the use of IT with our service users.

It is our declared intention to ensure all service users have access to IT and are assisted to develop skills to enable them to use computer technology in ways which involve and include them in the wider community. We will endeavour to foster greater communication skills, opportunities to explore aspects of IT that most of us take for granted.

Public Autism Awareness Training

Adelphi Care Service are working toward becoming an Autism Accredited Service Provider through the National Autistic Society. With confirmation of accreditation due late in 2017.

Proving we are passionate, committed and driven to support positive outcomes for individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Having over 20 years experience, we would like to offer the opportunity to share with you our Autism Awareness Training.

Care Plans

Care Plans

Care Plans are written in a person centred way, this approach puts people at the centre of the support they receive; moving away from a "one size fits all" attitude. The delivery of service is centred on the aspirations, needs and abilities of each individual.

The Care Plan begins with an initial assessment of need.

The care plan is contributed to by service user’s family and important others, the care plan consist of:

Guiding Principles

The provision of a diversified service that provides multi-disciplinary support and care:


Adelphi Care Services Limited is committed to delivering high quality specialised services for adults with Learning Disabilities, and or Autism.

We provide a wide range of community based services that include, Residential, Supported Living, Respite, Domiciliary care and bespoke services based around the needs of the individual.

The Primary aim of the company is to support service users to maintain a safe and comfortable living environment where by they can develop their independence, confidence and self-esteem.