Adelphi Care Services has a vision of care, which is holistic, person-centred and non-judgemental.

Care Plans

Care Plans

Care Plans are written in a person centred way, this approach puts people at the centre of the support they receive; moving away from a "one size fits all" attitude. The delivery of service is centred on the aspirations, needs and abilities of each individual.

The Care Plan begins with an initial assessment of need.

The care plan is contributed to by service user’s family and important others, the care plan consist of:

General Welfare
Contact with Home
Personal Hygiene
Communication profiles
Sensory profiles
Autism profiles
Further Education
Work Experience
Medical Reports
General Health
Behavioural Issues
Record of Incidents

The Care plan is reviewed every six months. This care plan review enables the service user to invite the people important to them, to help review their support, goal/aspirations and plan or care.